Secretary General

c165301c91b067e76851c59ab827f0f.jpg    Dr. U Po Lam     (Macao,China)

Vice Secretary

20019926de08558ffb15f6e14f5c1e0.pngDr. Edmundo P. L. Lao (Macao,China)

Dr. Edmundo Patricio Lopes Lao, MD, PhD is a specialist in Cardiology, also a fellow in Macao Academy of Medicine. He was born and bred in Macao. After graduated from Yuet Wah College, Macao, he got his bachelor degree, master degree and doctor degree in Medicine and Cardiology in Capital Medical University, Beijing, China. He completed the advanced training of cardiology in Beijing Anzhen hospital, the National Clinical Research Center of Cardiovascular Diseases.

Over the years, Dr. Lopes Lao has been involved in public health policy, clinical medicine, education and research in cardiology, more particularly in the field of coronary artery intervention and cardiac imaging. He was a reviewer of an international journal, Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions (CCI). He published more than 30 public health policy and clinical medicine articles (more than 10 as first author), involved in more than 10 clinical researches and 5 textbooks of cardiology.Dr. Lopes Lao is a Specialist in Cardiology in Macao Health Bureau, and the Director of Editorial Board in Macao Medical Journal. He is also a PhD supervisor in Macao Polytechnic University. Currently, he is working in Conde de Sao Januario General Hospital, Macao, China.