Asian Heart Society: The Promoter of Heart Health in Asia

There are 47 countries in Asia, with a population of over 4.5 billion and a large aging population. Recent years have witnessed profound transformations in lifestyle and dietary patterns due to rapid economic and social development. Unfortunately, this process has been accompanied by a notable increase in the annual incidence and mortality of cardiovascular diseases, making them the predominant cause of death in Asia. In order to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases more efficiently, improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases to a more standardized level, promote the academic level of cardiology in Asia, and improve the long-term prognosis of patients with cardiovascular diseases, the Asian Heart Society (AHS) was established in October 2022.


The AHS is a professional organization committed to improving heart health across Asia by uniting the region's top cardiologists and medical practitioners. Currently, Professor Mrinal K. Das from India holds the presidency of AHS, and Professor Yida Tang of Peking University Third Hospital is the director general of the board. The AHS endeavors to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and research of heart diseases, with the overarching goal of alleviating the burden of cardiovascular diseases in Asia. The organization aspires to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge related to cardiovascular health, and fostering efficient education and training initiatives. By integrating and leveraging Asian resources, the AHS seeks to advance cardiovascular health in Asia and around the world. At present, the AHS has set up eight councils, each dedicated to distinct sub-specialties. These include the Interventional Cardiology Council led by Professor Yue Li of the First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, the Translational and Basic Cardiovascular Science Council headed by Professor Chunyu Zeng of the Army Military Medical Center, the Hypertension Council headed by Professor Erkin Mirrakhimov of Kyrgyzstan, the Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology Council headed by Professor Roin Rekvava of Kazakhstan, the Heart Failure Council headed by Professor Sivadasanpillai Harikrishnan of India, the Structural Heart Disease Council headed by Professor Junjie Zhang of Nanjing First Hospital, the Cardiovascular Prevention Council headed by Professor Anidu K. Pathirana of Sri Lanka, and the Cardiovascular Surgery Council headed by Professor Öztekin Oto of Turkey. These councils are gradually assembling top experts in their respective fields across Asia, leveraging the strength of the continent to promote advancements in cardiovascular health globally.


The AHS is dedicated to offering the latest cardiology information and educational resources to physicians, nurses, researchers, and the general public. This commitment extends to actively promoting heart health in Asia through initiatives such as knowledge sharing, professional training, scientific research, and social activities. We orchestrate world-class academic conferences, seminars, and training courses, creating opportunities for academic exchange, professional development, and skill enhancements for cardiac professionals. Since its establishment, the AHS has successfully organized approximately 30 high-quality academic conferences and surgical broadcast activities. Each event has featured top scholars and experts in related fields in Asia, who have delivered lectures on the latest prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and research. These conferences, broadcasted through web platforms, have attracted hundreds of thousands of medical workers from various Asian countries and regions. Every June, the AHS also hosts the Asian Cardiovascular Clinical Research Symposium, wherein the symposium utilizes its eight councils as specialized forums, each comprising two sessions lasting two days. Additionally, in its commitment to delivering a comprehensive academic experience for delegates, the Great Wall Cardiology Congress has been established as the official annual congress of the AHS. This congress includes an Asian forum encompassing a diverse array of content, offering in-depth insights into the latest advancements in cardiovascular diseases, including coronary intervention, arrhythmia, heart failure, hypertension, structural heart disease, cardiac surgery, basic cardiovascular research, and prevention, and more. Simultaneously, the AHS proactively nurtures exceptional medical talents and promotes the dissemination and innovation of medical knowledge through various academic exchange initiatives. The AHS champions the adoption of cutting-edge medical technology and equipment to enhance diagnostic and treatment proficiency, as well as the service quality of cardiologists in Asia. This commitment ensures that patients across Asia derive the maximum benefit from the latest and most advanced medical solutions available.


The AHS is also dedicated to promoting scientific research by actively supporting and encouraging cardiology research projects in Asia. The organization also strives to foster collaboration and exchanges with the international cardiology society. In future endeavors, the AHS plans to establish the Asian Heart Journal and various sub-specialty journals to actively promote cutting-edge research in cardiology. This will encourage the adoption of innovative treatment methods in Asia by supporting the development of large-scale group studies and real-world studies to continuously improve existing diagnostic strategies, and improve the quality of life of cardiovascular disease patients in Asia. The AHS will also recognize Asian researchers who have made outstanding contributions to the field of cardiology through the Asian Annual Cardiology Research Awards. This recognition aims to encourage the development of the next generation of medical science talents in Asia.


As a socially responsible organization, the AHS actively participates in public welfare initiatives, aiming to disseminate knowledge about heart health and improve the prognosis of patients. The AHS is dedicated to public education on cardiovascular disease prevention and endeavors to heighten public awareness of heart health through consistent participation in regular public welfare activities, health education, and collaborative efforts with local communities. At the same time, the AHS will work with all levels of government, medical institutions, non-profit organizations, and communities to jointly promote the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases, and strive to create a healthier future for the people of Asia.


The AHS extends a warm welcome to all individuals and institutions interested in heart health to join our community. Whether you are a doctor, nurse, medical student, researcher, or public volunteer, your active involvement and support can make a positive impact on the cause of heart health in Asia. 


Let's work together to advance heart health in Asia! Join the AHS and bring more warmth and hope to every heartbeat across the continent.